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Take off on a high-altitude adventure that spans the singular world of two Pan Am flight attendants in the 1970s and 80s. Co-authors Paula Helfrich and Rebecca Sprecher offer an insider's view of exotic lands, international intrigue, war, passion and loss. Working for the iconic airline demands commitment and courage and the characters meet those challegnes with grace and loyalty.

Flying: A Novel is available in hardback, paperback and electronic format at  Hardback and paperback are available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon, with Kindle format to follow shortly.  You may also visit us on Facebook at Flying: A Novel.  

Interview with Paula Helfrich 


Interview with Rebecca Sprecher

click on the link to listen: CityTrex, Pam Am provided a soundtrack to the era

Paula Helfrich Educates and Entertains

Paula Helfrich, who wore many hats during her Pan Am and Hawaii years, had the audience in the palm of her hand as she spoke of her experiences in various Pan Am departments, her later work with the State of Hawaii, her book and the current conditions in Myanmar. She bounced from one subject to another and back again in her delightful talk and it all made sense.

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FLYING- a novel, Review

This terrific book will be read by different readers drawing various lessons for it is a morality tale with many meanings for multiple audiences. It is at one level a version of the consequences of the effort by the United States after the Second World War to create a world order compatible with its own values and institutions. On another level, it is a morality tale of great changes in the lives of men and especially woman as egalitarianism replaced racism and supplanted sexism on an ever smaller globe, at least for those who traveled it often. None did more so than the stewardesses of Pan Am. Written with verve and gusto, like the lives it describes were lived, it is a tale of the second half of the 20th century which witnessed a new world of travel and truly global experiences.

Robert H. Taylor, author of The State in Myanmar.

Flying a novel
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