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An Event to welcome Paula back to Hilo, Hawaii

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Flying Events Timeline


January 2012


            Paula: Book of the month—Yangon Book Club

8          Becky:  Reception for “Books Sandwiched In” authors

24       Becky: Book signing at home of Harriet Hilton, Beaufort. SC


February 2012


2          Paula:  You Tube video - Interview

4          Becky:  WWI meeting and dinner in ATL

6          Paula:  White Lotus Press, Bangkok

12       Becky:  Book signing party and reading: Chapel Hill

16       Book club 1:  Dataw Island

16       Podcast Interview for Books Sandwiched In publicity

21       Book club 2:  Dataw Island

27       Becky: “Books Sandwiched In” (Beaufort).  40-min. talk with book sales and podcast

28       Coffee with the Author:  Lowcountry Produce Market & Café, 9-12



March 2012


20       Becky:  Lunch event @ Dataw Island:  The Lighter Side of Pan Am: food, wine, and   silly stories that didn’t make it into the novel. 

            Panel with two other flight attendants who will tell their stories and show uniforms.


April 2012


15       Paula in Hawaii

            Morning show-KITV Interview: Leslie Wilcox Address WW meeting per Leilani          McGuire —Denby Fawcett/Kalowena



May 2012


9                      Dataw Book club #3

18-20             South Carolina Book Fair—app. Submitted; invitation only.  Priority given to                          books in the last 12 months.




No activities planned


September 2012


27-30 Becky:  World Wings International Meeting:  Portland




8          Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (classes offered at the University of South Carolina           for non-students and retirees) Panel:  Jeff Kriendler


Under development:


  • Book signing at the home of Cheryl Nugent in Orangeburg, S.C.
  • Lucy Ivarsson—former PAA f/a who lives in Winnetka
  • Lindsay Dodge—former HNL resident who lives in Denver
  • Event in Washington:  WWI  JP/Richard

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